Hack&Roll 2021

8–9 January 2021

Same fun-filled hackathon,
now held online!


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  • This hackathon is free of charge!
  • Just register and be online for the duration of the event!
  • Yes! You will still be getting free food1 and free swag2!
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  • Build whatever you want! You can even choose to build something absolutely useless, just for fun!
  • Build something new. You may reuse code for specific components, but recycling an entire project is not okay.
  • Projects will be judged on awesomeness. Decisions made by the judges are final.
  • Hardware projects are welcome!
  • The event rules can be accessed here.
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This hackathon is open to:

  • Students who are studying in any Singapore educational institution, anywhere from primary school to graduate studies, and stay in Singapore
  • Anyone awaiting entry into an educational institution (including NSFs and PhD candidates) and stays in Singapore

We are unable to accomodate international participants this time round as prizes and swag will only be delivered to addresses within Singapore.
Non-students are welcome but will not be eligible for prizes.

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  • A team must have at most 4 members.
  • Teams are formed only after your individual registration is accepted.
  • You can form teams with your friends3 or form teams with other accepted participants.
  • You are encouraged to be online for the whole duration of the event, to join the hype, network with fellow participants, and participate in our fringe events!


Please abide by the the NUS Hackers Event Code of Conduct.

1 Yes, even during the event while you're hacking! How? Join us to find out!

2 Yes, we still have swag for you! Swag will be delivered to you after the event only if your team makes a project submission.

3 We cannot guarantee that you will be able to team with ALL your friends as registrations are assessed on an individual basis, so do remind your friends to fill up their registration form thoughtfully.

Event Schedule

Day 1: Friday, 8 January

10001030Opening Ceremony & Check-in
1030Hacking Starts!
11301200Engagement Session1: Goldman Sachs
13001320Engagement Session: AlphaLab Capital
13201400Fringe Games2: Tetris
14001420Engagement Session: ThoughtWorks
15001520Engagement Session: Titansoft
15201600Fringe Games: Among Us
16001620Engagement Session: Stripe
17001720Engagement Session: Sea
17201800Fringe Games: Smash Karts

Day 2: Saturday, 9 January

????????Midnight Surprise 🤔
1000Fringe Games: Esolang Programming Challenge Closes
11001130Project Submission
12301245Judging Brief
12451415Project Fair & Judging
14151445Project Fair & Judges Deliberation
14451530Prize Presentation & Closing
1545End of Hack&Roll 2021

1 Engagement sessions will comprise of short presentations by the sponsors, followed by Q&A. These sessions are optional, but you are highly encouraged to take part in them, as there will be goodies in store.

2 Fringe Games are side-events where you can opt-in to play some games and win some attractive prizes. Details will be announced nearer to the event.


Every member of the winning team will each receive one of the listed prizes. Prizes will be delivered to the winners after the end of the hackathon.
But at the end of the day, everyone is a winner, and the best prizes are the friends we've made along the way. :')

Top 8 Teams

Google Nest Mini
Kindle Paperwhite 4


#1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6 | #7 | #8

Special Prizes

Click on the prize category to look at the winning project.

1 awarded to the team that exhibits creative use of data in their project

2 teams fully made up of freshmen (first year-of-study in university) will be considered for this award

3 teams fully made up of pre-university members (e.g. Primary/Secondary/JC/NSFs) will be considered for this award

4 teams fully made up of first-time hackathon participants will be considered for this award


I've submitted the registration form. What's the next step?
Your registration will be reviewed by a member of our team soon. As Hack&Roll receives many applications every year, we are unfortunately unable to accept all sign-ups. We will review all applications and notify you by email of the outcome of your registration.

After registering, where do I indicate my team and teammates?
After your acceptance is confirmed, you may form teams on this website.

What happens if I have already formed a team, but some of my teammates do not get accepted into Hack&Roll with me?
Unfortunately, we may not accept all members of your intended team. In that case, we hope you will still attend the event with other teammates.

I am registering alone / do not have a full team. How do I look for teammates?
After your acceptance is confirmed, you will be added to the Hack&Roll 2021 Discord server, where you can meet other participants and form teams before the event. If necessary, we will also help you to find teammates.

I am an international participant. Can I participate in Hack&Roll 2021?
Unfortunately, our event logistics set-up for this iteration of Hack&Roll is focused only on participants in Singapore (delivery of swag, prizes, etc.). As such, we will not be accepting any participants that do not reside in Singapore. International students currently residing overseas, and are currently studying in a Singapore educational institution, with a valid Singapore shipping address, will be eligible to participate.

I am a participant who has certain ailments or disabilities that will require certain additional accomodations or arrangements. Can I still join the hackathon?
Of course! Please do indicate in the registration form that you will require additional accomodations, and a member of our team will reach out to you, to discuss with you on how we can ensure your needs are well taken care of.

Still have other questions? Please feel free to contact us at coreteam@nushackers.org!

Our Sponsors

None of this would have been possible without our benevolent sponsors who believe in working with us to spread the hacker culture in Singapore!

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Past Hack&Rolls


Hack&Roll 2020 saw close to 600 signups and around 140 projects. Prizes included monitors, speakers, Kindles and Google Home Minis. Winning projects included a music game powered by bunny ears and an alarm app that forces you to walk; check all the projects here.


Hack&Roll 2019 saw close to 550 signups and around 134 projects. Prizes included 3D printers, ASUS Chromebit CS10 Sticks, and Google Home Minis. Winning projects included Tetris in NUSMods, a bot that draws doodles, and a visual novel game; check all the projects here.


Hack&Roll 2018 saw close to 500 signups and around 105 projects. Prizes included 24" gaming monitors, Kindle Paperwhites, and Google Home Minis. Winning projects included a cat cage built out by primary school students and a maze solver with the Unix tool `sed`; check all the projects here.


Hack&Roll 2017 had 450 signups and around 100 projects. Projects included a robot controlled with sound and a browser extension that provides hand-gesture-based control of the browser. Check them out here. This was also the first year we started the "Most Entertaining Hack" and the "Coreteam's Best Roll" (which included a mystery prize)!


This year was our 10th iteration hosting one of the largest hackathons in Singapore. We hope you had fun!