Hack&Roll 2014

organized by NUS Hackers

School of Computing, NUS
1pm, 25th Jan - 6pm, 26th Jan

In the spirit of hacking, we celebrate not just the most useful products, but also reward projects that are "awesome but useless" and for factors such as sheer overall coolness.

$5/pax(make payment at AS6 02-09 (Hackerspace NUS) or at our next Friday Hacks)
  1. This event is open only to:
    • Students of all levels in any educational institution in Singapore (yes, exchange students count as well!)
    • Anyone waiting entry into an educational institution - e.g. NSFs, PhD candidates, etc.
  2. A team can have between 1 and 4 members.
  3. All teams need to stay for the duration of the event. We recommend bringing sleeping bags. Teams that leave will be disqualified.
    • Clarification: Team members may leave as long as there's at least one member present throughout the competition. (i.e. the presence of the team is defined by the disjunction of that of each team member)
  4. Build something new. You may reuse code for specific components, but recycling an entire project is not okay.
  5. Projects will be judged based on creativity, technical accomplishment, polish, and usefulness, in that order. Decisions made by the judges are final.
  6. The organizers reserve the right to change the above rules at any time.
Winning teams' members will each receive
  • First place: 1 Pebble Watch, 1 Razer Naga, 1 Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition, 1 Razer Goliathus, 1 Protag Elite and a 1-year SimplerCloud XS servelet subscription
  • Second place: 1 Leap Motion, 1 Razer Orochi, 1 Razer Goliathus, 1 mechanical keyboard and a 1-year SimplerCloud XS servelet subscription
  • Third place: 1 Razer Abyssus, 1 mechanical keyboard and a 1-year SimplerCloud XS servelet subscription

Spot prizes feature

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino Leonardo




We are using ChallengePost to organize this hackathon. After filling up the google form, please take some time to sign up with an account if you do not already have one.

  • Forming your team: If your team is already set, that's fine, you don't need to do anything extra. Otherwise, you can use the "Form a team" button to reach out to other participants with similar interest
  • Submission: Only one team member needs to complete the submission form. Just remember to add all team members on the form so that they will be recognized as your teammates. Then click "Submit for review" before the deadline.
  • Start your draft early: You may begin filling out the submission form as soon as soon as you register. Hit “Save as draft” at any time to save your work, and come back and edit it at any time before the deadline.


Hack&Roll 2013 saw about 80 students building projects ranging from a WiFi-based room headcount system to a remote-controlled car driven by facial tracking. Prizes included a weeklong all-expense-paid trip to Silicon Valley, smartphones, and quadrocopters.