Event Schedule

Day 1: Friday, 7 January

10001030Opening Ceremony & Check-in
1030Hacking Starts!
11301200Engagement Session: Indeed
13001320Engagement Session: Intuit QuickBooks
14001420Engagement Session: ExpressVPN
15001520Engagement Session: Goldman Sachs
16001620Engagement Session: Autodesk
17001720Engagement Session: ShopBack
19202000Fringe Games: Tetris
20302130Fringe Games: Smash Karts
22002330Fringe Games: Avalon

Day 2: Saturday, 8 January

????????Midnight Surprise 🤔
0900Fringe Games: Esolang Challenge Submission Deadline
1100Fringe Games: Esolang Challenge Results
1200Project Submission Deadline
12301245Judging Brief
13001545Project Fair & Judging
16001630Prize Presentation & Closing
1630End of Hack&Roll 2022

1 Engagement sessions will comprise of short presentations by the sponsors, followed by Q&A. These sessions are optional, but you are highly encouraged to take part in them, as there will be goodies in store.

2 Fringe Games are side-events where you can opt-in to play some games and win some attractive prizes. Details will be announced nearer to the event.